About the Writers:

Picture 111Karen Donahue's love of the sea took her to the Pacific Coast and the University of California in Santa Barbara where she earned her Doctorate. Currently a tenured criminology professor in Southern California, she is an international law expert in the field of white collar crime. Over the course of her career, she has had the opportunity to study, lecture, and teach in Paris, London, Geneva, Berlin, West Africa, Dublin, Rome, Honolulu, Chicago, and New York. During her time at the United Nations in Geneva she had access to centuries of historical documents that created much of our current Law of the Seas. The archives of fascinating compilations consisted of letters, both legal and personal, from kings, ambassadors, and military leaders that began as international disputes, ultimately leading to treaties still in force today. Visit her university website at http://karendonahue.net.

tom at helmThomas Donahue, through his roles as an analyst, consultant, and manager for a European corporation, has been involved in projects that took him to locations as diverse as deepwater oceanographic research ships, Federal prisons, military installations, missile launch facilities, steel foundries, and power generating plants, including nuclear. His career experience and extensive world traveling, along with his love for the sea (boater, diver, and surfer) have informed his writing.

About the Books:

Book 1: Cliffs of Laguna Beach

book cover LAGUNA 9

When Criminology Professor, Marin Ryan, docks her new boat in the Blue Water Marina, she catches sight of cyber-security guru, John Hunter, on his yacht in the next slip over. It had been a long time since she had last seen her college lover, but feelings rekindled at that moment.

The next morning, Marin finds the body of a woman in the water and discovers that the psychologist was a beloved member of E-Dock. Homicide Investigator Cameron West is assigned the case with her powerhouse team. Marin the former FBI agent, and John the computer expert, are drawn into the case.

The victim had a covert life of a psychological profiler. The revelation leads the investigation that is fraught with twists and turns along the way until John’s computer hacking uncovers the thread that breaks the case open in an entirely different direction––one that puts Marin John, and Cameron in peril, because they know too much.

Book 2: Murder in Newport Beach

This book has not yet been published, and is currently being edited. It will likely be published by the end of 2014.

Book 3: Cliffs of Monaco


An American billionaire’s face pales while he reads the card handed to him by a stranger––it is an announcement of his own death sentence. In a world of powerful billionaires who bend the rules to their advantage, the Equal Justice League’s mission is to root out the worst of these corrupt individuals, try them in absentia, and sentence them to death. Billionaires are sentenced and executed in Paris, Florence, London, Moscow, and Portofino.

Criminology professor, Marin Ryan, and computer expert, John Hunter, are enjoying the sun, serenity, and a fast Ferrari on the Mediterranean coast. A friend from the CIA asks them to decipher the League’s website that has appeared briefly after each of the previous murders. This apparently benign involvement in the case puts the couple at serious risk. While readers escape into the world of palatial villas and penthouses, luxurious yachts, and exotic cars, the couple attempts to escape the ruthless killers.

Book 4: Murder on the Isle of Capri, Italy

B04 CAPRI COVER 2013-12-17 130

Criminology Professor, Marin Ryan, and billionaire computer genius, John Hunter, are drawn into a homicide investigation when one of Marin’s colleague is murdered in Italy. Her friend’s historical research uncovered a connection between sixteenth century pirates and three present-day wealthy families.

In this world of private jets, luxury yachts, and Italian villas, the chase leads Marin an John from Capri to New York to Hawaii and back, putting their lives in constant danger.

A reader of the Ryan-Hunter series wrote, Kept me up all night. Intrigue at its best. Another reader wrote, Nonstop adventure and excitement. Extremely well written. No dull moments EVER. Loved it, and another reader added, Every line held my attention, with such an interesting plot, and totally unexpected surprises appearing often. Suspense, intrigue, and “glitter” all in one package.

Book 5: Cliffs of Portofino

Cliffs of Portofino 2

Criminology Professor and former FBI agent, Marin Ryan, is arrested for murder in Portofino. The police investigators are convinced of her guilt by the incontrovertible evidence. Her lover and life partner, billionaire and computer genius, John Hunter, is faced with crippling obstacles in his attempt to stop the progress of the Italian justice system. She is found guilty and sentenced to spend the rest of her life in an ancient Italian prison. John’s quest to save Marin leads him to a deserted beach on the island of Majorca where he is left for dead by the real killer.

Book 6: Murder Under the Bridges of Venice

B06 VENICE COVER 2013-12-17

In Santa Barbara, a great white shark homes in on marine biologist Teri Marcus––she doesn’t have a chance. To most, it was one of those rare accidents of nature, and yet, to her friends and colleagues, it seemed an impossible outcome for the seasoned diver. John Hunter, upon hearing the shark story, is intrigued and agrees to have a look into the death in order for her friends to get past the horrible tragedy. Another death that appears to be an accident occurs in Northern Ohio.

Criminology professor, Marin Ryan, and billionaire boyfriend, John Hunter, figure out the connection and realize there are more potential victims––including someone dear to them.