Journey into a Mystery

    A warm, cozy book. A comfortable sofa in front of a crackling fire or a beach chair on a distant shore. Perhaps, a Margarita. Or, possibly a cup of hot chocolate. I don't know about you, but I'm ready to snuggle up and enjoy the day.

    That's the feeling that Karen and I strive to reach with our series of mystery/adventures with Criminologist Marin Ryan and security expert John Hunter. Whether somewhere in Italy, Monte Carlo, Hawaii, England, France, or California, we try to capture the feeling of place and the excitement of the journey. We take our cue from some of our favorite writers who whisk us away to their special places–Robert Ludlam, Elizabeth George, John Grisham, David Baldacci, Stuart Woods, Mary Higgins Clark, Dan Brown, Dean Koonz, Stieg Larson, and Janet Evanovich.

Saved Pictures 752 edited

Tall sailing ships off the

 Cliffs of Laguna Beach

Monte Carlo and Florence 165

Monte Carlo market near the 

Cliffs of Monaco

Italy2 094

Fairy tale village of the

Cliffs of Portofino

capri-sorrento-siena-san giliamono 051

The island's waterfront, below the 

Cliffs of Capri

Are you feeling it yet?

All the Best,

     - Karen and Thomas Donahue