About the Writers

Karen Donahue's love of the sea took her to the Pacific Coast and the University of California in Santa Barbara where she earned her Doctorate. As a criminology professor and chair at a Southern California University, she is an international law expert in the field of white collar crime. Over the course of her career, she has had the opportunity to study, lecture, and teach in Paris, London, Geneva, Berlin, West Africa, Dublin, Rome, Honolulu, Chicago, and New York. During her time at the United Nations in Geneva, she had access to centuries of historical documents that created much of our current Law of the Sea. The archives of fascinating compilations consisted of letters, both legal and personal, from Kings, Presidents, Ambassadors, and military leaders that began as international disputes, ultimately leading to treaties still in force today. Visit her university website at http://karendonahue.net.

Thomas Donahue, has served as an analyst, consultant, and manager for a major European corporation. His projects took him to locations as diverse as deepwater oceanographic research ships, Federal prisons, military installations, missile launch facilities, steel foundries, and power generating plants, including nuclear. His career experience and extensive world traveling, along with his love for the sea (boater, diver, and surfer) have informed his writing.

 Bailey Donahue (2004-2016), our regal Beagle was always by our side when we were writing. Missed but not forgotten, she will live on in our future adventures. She loved boating since she was 8 weeks old.