Karen Donahue and Tom Donahue again lead readers along the Italian Riviera into a labyrinth of mystery and suspense with their latest novel, Assassin in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

An American billionaire’s face pales while he reads the card handed to him by a stranger––it is an announcement of his own death sentence. In a world of powerful billionaires who bend the rules to their advantage, the Equal Justice League’s mission is to root out the worst of these corrupt individuals, try them in absentia, and sentence them to death. Billionaires are sentenced and executed in Paris, Florence, London, Moscow, and Portofino.

Criminology professor, Marin Ryan, and computer expert, John Hunter, are enjoying the sun, serenity, and a fast Ferrari on the Mediterranean coast. A friend from the CIA asks them to decipher the League’s website that has appeared briefly after each of the previous murders. This apparently benign involvement in the case puts the couple at serious risk. While readers escape into the world of palatial villas and penthouses, luxurious yachts, and exotic cars, the couple attempts to escape the ruthless killers.

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