With more than 100,000 downloads of their six prior books Tom and Karen Donahue bring the seventh in the series—Moral Compass

In the fog and morning darkness a brilliant fireball flashes through the heavy grey off the California coast. The flames reach high into the starry sky as Criminologist Marin Ryan and John Hunter race toward the tragic accident. The remnants of a once luxurious sailing yacht still smolders as Marin kayaks over to check for possible survivors. 

The Coast Guard cutter arrives to a bubbling sea left by the vessel headed to the bottom. Before it sank, Marin found evidence that forces the ship’s commanding Officer to set in motion Homeland Security protocols.

The explosion killed the wife of Senator Charles Ryder and her friends. In the minds of the Homeland Security task force questions remain. Was he the intended victim? Is he still in danger?

The Senator blames the attempt on terrorists inciting fear in the public. He believes the attempt on his life and his strong stance on those responsible will catapult him into the White House in the next election. The event will make it happen and nothing can stop him.

While others are chasing down the terrorist angle, John Hunter finds other clues that suggest an international killer was hired by someone closer.