Cliffs of Portofino

This can't be happening, thought criminology professor Marin Ryan, while the Italian guards were guiding her through the corridors of the century-old prison. Arrested in Portofino for the murder of another American, she gradually becomes aware of her impending future––life behind bars. Convinced of her guilt, the Genoa homicide detectives have all they need in solid forensic evidence to make her defense impossible. But one person is not going to give up on her. John Hunter enlists the help of Marin's family and friends to pursue their own investigation. Is it enough? They are faced with crippling obstacles in their attempt to stop the swift progress of the Italian justice system. In the end, Marin is found guilty and sentenced to spend the rest of her life in an ancient prison.  John’s desperation to save his beloved Marin leads him on a quest to a lonely beach on the island of Majorca where he discovers the killer, and a bullet.

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